Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
The Comparison of Thesaurus and Ontology Efficiency in Knowledge Representation and Concepts RetrievalM.Sc.Sanatjoo2010-10-06
Identification of suitable non- textbooks consistent with Sciences and Social sciences textbooks of elementary school: (approaches for Teaching and Collection building in library schools)seyed mehdi seyed qotbiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2011-06-06
The correlation between epistemological belief ,need for cogniotion and information behavior among students of Ferdowsi university of MashhadHeidar MokhtariPhDDavarpanah2012-03-18
Relevance judgement and user's criteria in document selection and evaluation: riding's cognitive style analysis approachmahdieh mirzabeigiPhDSanatjoo2012-07-25
Study on Matching Between Search Keywords and Article Suggested Terms in Latin Databases and Analyzing Lexical Structure of These Termshamideh rajabeianM.Sc.Sanatjoo2012-09-26
Evaluating Electronic Service Quality in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Libraries from Their Higher Education Users and Library Staff Perspectives by an Integrated Model Based upon ServQual, LibQual and E-S-QualElham Yousef Zade Najdi TabrizM.Sc.Sanatjoo2012-10-05
Analysis rate of Identifying and using of web 2.0 technology by librarians of academic libraries and identification of barriers to the use of these technologies in the academic libraries servicevahed bahramiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2013-01-30
StudyingCauses of conflict in libraries of Mashhad Ferdowsi University and libraries of Mashhad Medical Sciences University and identify management strategies of conflict from the librarians’perspectivesM.Sc.Sanatjoo2013-02-03
‫Investigating the Efficiency of Online Helps Designed According to VAC Learning Model on Improving the Usability of Research Information System (RIS) of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad for Academicsreza khosraviM.Sc.Parirokh2013-07-08
Presence and effectiveness of faculty members of Knowledge and information science departments of Iran universities in Web and their impact on gaining financial and spiritual advantages based on Theory of Social Stratification in ScienceFarshid DaneshPhDFattahi2013-09-17
investigate and compare the presence of each of the barriers and effective factors on organizational learning in Libraries, Museums and Documents Center Ofahmad khosraviM.Sc.Sanatjoo2014-02-01
A Survey on the Infrastructures and Skills Necessary to Establish Electronic Reference Services at Ferdowsi University of Mashhadmalihe ilkhaniM.Sc.Parirokh2014-07-08
The Relationship betwwenInternet Anxiety and Knowldege of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences' Faculty MembersRohollah RezaeiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2014-09-16
Studying the relevance judgment criteria for images retrieved from Google search engine based on users' viewsnaeimeh zarifM.Sc.Fattahi2014-09-21
Evaluation of Mashhad University Librarian creativity and organizational factors influencing it.jafar talaeeM.Sc.Sanatjoo2014-09-21
Science Production Structure & Map in Iran, based on the Articles Indexed in Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) within 2001-2005PhDDavarpanah2014-09-22
frbr relationship designators in persian bibliographic families and developing IranMarcabolfazl taheri soodejaniM.Sc.Fattahi2014-10-01
The Measurement of the Alignment of Knowledge Management (KM) Strategies in Central Libraries with Universities Strategies and its Impact on KM Implementationmojtaba kafashanPhDParirokh2014-10-02
A Survey of the Relationship between the Organizational self-esteem and Job motivation among the Librarians of Ferdowsi University of MashhadAli akbar DastjerdiM.Sc.Abbasi2014-10-06
Assessing information needs of retirees in Bojnourd Education Department in order to design a pattern for delivering outreach library services to themfatemeh vahdaniM.Sc.Sanatjoo2014-10-07
The Effect of Objective Complexity, Subjective Complexity and Product Type of Work Tasks on Interactive Information Searching Behavior of Masters Students at Ferdowsi University of MashhadSomaye Saeidi zadehM.Sc.Sanatjoo2014-10-08
The necessity of implementing customer relationship management from the perspective of human resources of academic libraries and its effective and deterrent factorszohreh edalatiyanM.Sc.Sanatjoo2014-10-08
The Relationship between Information Processing Styles, Classroom Environment Perceptions and Self-regulated Study Strategies.Mahsa KhoshtaleM.Sc.Sanatjoo2014-11-12
Factors influencing the acceptance and applying of technology by users of academic libraries of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad based on UTAUT & TTF modelsMohammad GhaneeiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2014-11-30
Development of technology acceptance model (TAM) through measuring the impact of self-efficacy and dysfunctional attitudes on the acceptance of pajhoohan based on cognitive-social theoryGHOLAMHOSSEIN JAHANGEERPhDDayani2014-12-31
Identifying the Key Factors in Collection and Collection Management Policy of the Information Center & Central Library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad.samaneh rahmaniM.Sc.Abbasi2015-01-18
Qualitative Evaluation of Electronic Document Delivery of AQ Digital Library Based on Proposed Modelsadighe zerehsazM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-01-24
Comparing the Intracity and Extracity Information Flow as City Development Indices of Joghataizaynab gholizadehmoghaddamM.Sc.Dayani2015-01-26
a survey on the relationship among personality traits (extrovert and introvert) and organizational commitment of Astane-Qods lirarainszohrh bagheriM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-02-02
Evaluation of metadata in institutional repository of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad: information retrieval and indexability perspectivesMasoud ShafieiM.Sc.Fattahi2015-02-07
the relationship between information literacy and self-efficacy of Ferdowsi University and Mashhad Medical Science University's Librariansnasrin nasiripourM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-02-07
readability measuring of Roshd Encyclopedia articles aming at identifing audience using Gunning/Dayyani, Flesh/Dayyani,Fry/Dayyani formulasmasume gholami ahmadiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-02-07
Effect of emotions and emotion induction on users information seeking behavior and determination of emotions attribution patternHassan BehzadiPhDSanatjoo2015-02-10
a survey on the relationship of organizational justice with the organizational citizenship behaviour of Khorasan Razavi public librariansmaryam nicokarM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-03-04
A comparison of book selection criteria from the urban and rural teenagers' point of views in Kashmarsamaneh vakili azghandiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-03-10
An Investigation into the relationship among users\' psychological capabilities and skills with their help seeking behavior in digital libraries ibased on Marchionini\'s adopted modelmohammad zerehsazPhDFattahi2015-05-30
Analysis of Factors Affecting on the Planned Change in Centeral Library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad based on Lewin\\\'s Field Theory, Knowledge Stickiness and Unlearningsomaye AkhshikPhDParirokh2015-06-17
Investigating the Cognitive map and Value Co-Creation among Digital library Users, Librarians and Designers in Iran based on the Mean-end TheoryReza Rajabali BeglouPhDFattahi2015-08-09
Validation and evaluation of Persian children's digital library interfacessafieh hosseiniM.Sc.Sharif2015-09-27
Investigating the negative effects of commercial picture storybooks for children's grade "A" and "B" in relation to the transmision of national culture and other book publishing qualificationsarezoo karbasiM.Sc.Parirokh2015-10-17
Relationship ergonomic conditions for motivation and public librarians city of Mashhadmahsa moghimiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2015-10-19
The relationship between organizational empowerment and intrapreneurshipin libraries of Ferdowsi University and Mashhad University of medical sciences and health servicesseyedeh zeinab moghaddasM.Sc.Tajafari2015-10-21
evaluate persuasive technology in library websitesJamileh Kamali gharyehbikM.Sc.Sanatjoo2015-10-21
the role of librarians, information services and FUM post graduate students' information literacy on decreasing their information seeking anxietyzahra kashiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-12-05
Science production and scientific cooperation in Mashhad Medical Science University based on the Web of Science datasomayeh dargahiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2015-12-27
Evaluation of readiness for implementing the 5s adornment system in Central library of Astan Quds Razavi regarding effective factorszahra bahador porM.Sc.Tajafari2016-01-24
Expectations and priorities of the students of the Digital Reference Service of the Library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhadsalimeh derogarM.Sc.Nowkarizi2016-02-24
Reviews According to creative thinking skills in story books based on age group (C) thinking component Guildfordsomayeh forozeshM.Sc.Nowkarizi2016-02-24
investigating the relationship between organizational culture and developing knowledge management in Bojnord Universities' librariesAhmadreza JalalybardarM.Sc.Nowkarizi2016-03-09
The adolescents' use of public library services and its relationship with academic achievement in Sabzevarseyyede zahra tabatabayee shahrabadM.Sc.Tajafari2016-05-07
Identifying the amount of public libraries use by graduated elder people and the most important barriers from their point of viewfereshteh kamran toroghyM.Sc.Sanatjoo2016-05-28
Efficiency and application of the university library websites features supporting information literacy: students viewSeyedeh Mahnaz AhmadiM.Sc.Sharif2016-09-06
A Study of the importance of promotion techniques at the Central Library of Astan Quds Razavi from the clients' perspectivemohammad reza nooshiM.Sc.Tajafari2016-09-18
A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Library and Information Sciencemansoureh ghaderiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2016-09-21
Check the status of Quantitative of theses and dissertations in humanities with Islamic approach in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad during the years 1363- 1393akram rachemaniM.Sc.Nowkarizi2016-09-21
The impact of centralization of Ferdowsi University libraries of Mashhad on the satisfaction level of graduate students from public services of information center and central library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad based on Kano modelMasoome BagheriM.Sc.Sharif2016-09-21
Identifying factors affecting clients' loyalty and impact of loyalty on outcomes in central library of Ferdowsi University of MashhadZahra MohamadianM.Sc.Sanatjoo2016-09-21
Evaluating the Bland and Ruffin eleventh characteristics of a fertile research environment in the public and university libraries of Mashhadmasoumeh saeidimehrM.Sc.Sanatjoo2016-09-21
Benchmarkingshabnam kazemiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2016-10-20
role reading station in promoting culture reading in the mashhad cityfahime rajabiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2016-10-23
Designing the metadata Ontology model of National library and Archives of IRAN based on Linked Data methodAkram FathianPhDSanatjoo2016-11-26
The evaluation of students’ information literacy 16-18 years of Mashhad based on big6 information problem- solving approachmansure raoufmoghadamM.Sc.Nowkarizi2017-01-15
Assessment of the Web system of Scholary Journal Publishing at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad: A Managerial Case StudyZahra JaliliM.Sc.Nowkarizi2017-01-21
Assessing the Capabilities of Children’s Stories in Enhancing the Cognitive Development of Children (age 7-12 years) According to the REBT Theory and Discourse Analysis of Children’s Inference about the Elements of this Theory in StoriesBahar GhaderiM.Sc.Parirokh2017-02-11
The impact of information literacy training on the user's information literacy skills: Case study library ayatollah haj sheikh Hashem Qazvinizahra AdliM.Sc.Sanatjoo2017-02-18
An investigation into users in Google search engine based on theories of cognitive overload, choice overload, selective attention, and the Principle of Least Effort in Google search enginefahimeh mansouriPhDNowkarizi2017-02-18
A Thesis Submitted in Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Art in Knowledge and Information Sciencehoma jamshidifardM.Sc.Nowkarizi2017-06-24
The relationship between user general decision making styles and their searching strategies choice in information seeking process on the websoureh shouaeiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2017-09-16
The Relationship between Positive Thinking and Communication Skills of Librarians of Mashhad Public LibrariesNarges AfkhamiM.Sc.Tajafari2017-09-20
The Role of Persuasive Design Criteria in Persuading the Users to Use the Website of the Central Library in Ferdowsi University of MashhadMaryam ShabaniM.Sc.Tajafari2017-10-17
Analysis of the reading pattern and effective and deterrent factors among Mashhad youngzahra zanganeh baygiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2017-11-21
Impact of User's Capabilities and User-Interface Elements of Websites on User Interaction in Web Environment based on Information Processing Theory and Eye-mind HypothesisMahdi ZahediPhDFattahi2017-11-26
Prioritizing and Feasibility Study of the Prividable Services in Mashhad Public Libraries to Reduce Marital Problemszeinab ataeiM.Sc.Tajafari2018-01-27
Evaluating the effectiveness of domestic serach enginesmahdi zeynaliM.Sc.Nowkarizi2018-02-05
The relationship between research anxiety and self-efficacy of the graduate students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhadseyedeh zahra abediM.Sc.Nowkarizi2018-02-07
Archeology and Genealogy of Knowledge Translation and Examining Its Effectiveness in Medical FieldsAli AzimiPhDSanatjoo2018-02-10
Designing and Analysing of the Instrument of Web Credibility Assessment on the basis of Choi Theoretical FrameworkHedayat BehrouzfarPhDSanatjoo2018-02-12
The expansion of the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model by adding internet self-efficacy, cognitive and skillful variables among Iranian database users.Maryam SaberiPhDNowkarizi2018-02-12
Investigating the Viewpoints of Information Specialists and Managers of Industrial and Commercial Companies in Mashhad about the Role of Specialized Libraries in Organizational Competitive Intelligencemajid vatandoostM.Sc.Nowkarizi2018-02-14
Feasibility of providing effective services on economic development by Mashhad public libraries from librarians and administrators' perspectivesShima Ataei ZaherM.Sc.Tajafari2018-02-17
Influence of the Three Factors of Information Culture, Information Use Behavior and Cognitive-Social Factors on the Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Academic Environmentshassan mahmoudi topkanloPhDFattahi2018-02-18
Surveying the status of components of information literacy treatment of cancer patients in relation to their charactrisiticsmahboobe farzinM.Sc.Behzadi2018-02-18
Investigating the extent to which Gilford's components of creativity are used in children's persian journalsjamileh jahaniM.Sc.Sanatjoo2018-02-19
A Survay on the Importance and Necessity of Open Access Journals from the Librarians' View Point in Iranian University Libraries for identifing the effective and deterrent factors in useing of these resourcesmaryam heydarpoor daghianM.Sc.Nowkarizi2018-05-22
Investigating State Of Mobile Learning Factors In Public Libraries Of Mashhad Base On The FRAME Modelafsaneh sarviM.Sc.Behzadi2018-07-03
Identification of Structure of Self-Regulated Learning Behavior of Librarians and Its Effect on Their Job Performance at Libraries of Ferdowsi University of Mashhadsamira rahchamandiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2018-07-23
Design and implementation of the internal assessment model of the central library of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and its measurementzahra farzandiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2018-08-12
Reading Motivational Beliefs and its Relation with the Employees' Organizational Performance and Members Use from Public librariesReza AkbarnejadPhDNowkarizi2018-09-10
Investigating the Success Components of Information Visibility on the Instagram using Analysis of Human Information Interactionfatemeh taghi panahiPhDNowkarizi2018-09-10
Investigating the Role of Peripheral Services of Gonabad Public Libraries in Encouraging Children and Adolescents to Readeffat jazayeri saghiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2018-09-16
The Measurement of the compliance rate of pages optimization elements for search engines (SEO) on Iranian university libraries' websites and their relationship with visibility and rank in recovery results.sahar danaeeM.Sc.Sanatjoo2018-10-13
The evaluation of The Relationship between Customers Knowledge Management and Their Loyalty to Academic Librariesnargess malakootiM.Sc.Kaffashan kakhki2018-10-16
Analyzing the content of adolescents fiction books in terms of identification dimensions, based on Erikson's psychosocial theory, Marcia's status identity model & Berzonsky's processing stylesvajihe hoseiniPhDSanatjoo2019-01-23
The Role of Personality Types (extraversion, introversion, and middle) in Internet Information searching Behavior of Postgraduate Students at Ferdowsi University of Mashhadnajmeh namousi jafarabadiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2019-01-26
Investigating the effectiveness of Mind maps in the process of retrieving informationAtiyeh BaghestaniM.Sc.Sanatjoo2019-02-06
An investigation into the feasibility of outsourcing the creation, expansion and provision of school library services in MashhadLEILA KHERADBISHEHM.Sc.Sanatjoo2019-02-23
An Investigation into the Capability of Ancient Persian Literature in Enhancing Philosophical Thinking in Children (A Case Study of Marzban-nameh)Zeinab Refahi KomsariM.Sc.Parirokh2019-03-11
studying the status of the libraries of ferdowsi university of mashhad from students and librarians perspectives in providing services to international studentskhadije barghi torghabehM.Sc.Behzadi2019-05-13
The feasibility of implementing cloud computing in central libraries of the universities of Mashhad, and The feasibility of implementing cloud computing in central libraries of the universities of Mashhad, and and investigating the familiarity and usage level of the technology by librariansmaryam loghmaniM.Sc.Behzadi2019-10-13
Identifying the Most Effective Indicators in the Research System of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in Citing the Faculty Members' Articles in the Scopus Citation Database Using Principal Component Analysismohaddeseh safari sarjanM.Sc.Nowkarizi2019-10-30
Phenomenographic analysis of Information Seeking and Retrieval Experience in the PhD Students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in their Research ProcessTahereh RigiPhDDayani2019-11-27
Investigating mental health professional’s information seeking behavior in the process of diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders based on the Kuhlthau's modelAli AkbariPhDNowkarizi2020-01-21
Designing, explaining and evaluating the information oriented process of competitive intelligence in the structure of government universities covered by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technologynarges oraeePhDSanatjoo2020-02-13
An Investigation into the capabilities of Stories in Promoting Executive Functions in Children with ADHD: A Study Based on Barklay’s Extended Theory of Executive Functionsnajmeh rahimiM.Sc.Parirokh2020-02-19
Identification and Determination of Cognitive Biases in Scientific Information Retrievalgisu gomrokiM.Sc.Behzadi2020-04-19
Thematic classification of historical documents using data mining techniques, case study: Financial documents of the Astan Quds Razavi Library in Afshaeri periodAli SoleimaniM.Sc.Nowkarizi2020-10-07
Drawing a topic map of theses usage by Ferdowsi University of Mashhad with data mining logging of usersLaya LotfiM.Sc.Sanatjoo2020-10-21
The effect of visual literacy training on creativity and its components based on Guilford's perspective with the focus on wordless picture books in ten-year-old girlsmasoumeh AnvariM.Sc.Sanatjoo2020-12-09
CIDOC-CRM based ontological model for painting: design, implementation, and evaluationMaliheh DorkhoshPhDFattahi2021-03-07
Assessing the Impact of Knowledge Management and Emotional Intelligence on Librarians’ Productivity: Exploring the Mediating Role of Job Motivation and Feedbackzahra sarhadijoshariM.Sc.Kaffashan kakhki2021-06-09
The position of public libraries in information -socio-economic- empowerment of women in thought and actionmaryam yaghubzadehM.Sc.Sanatjoo2021-07-24
Evaluation of Iranian Search Engines Subject Coverage in Comparison with Google by Using Dewey Decimal Classificationmohammad saeed khaki farrokhadM.Sc.Nowkarizi2021-10-13
The Effect of Information Literacy Training on Evidence-Based Practice of Nurses Working in Hospitals Affiliated to Mashhad University of Medical Sciencesnasrin fanoodiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2021-10-13
Determining the Effectiveness of Effective Listening Skill Training Based on Bibliotherapy on Marital Satisfaction of CouplesFaezeh Bahrami aramiM.Sc.Nowkarizi2021-10-17
Evaluation of Virtual Meeting Software User Interface.Fateme JabbariM.Sc.Nowkarizi2021-11-15
Identification and Prioritization of Intrapreneurship Barriers in the Libraries of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Mashhad University of Medical Scienceszainab golestani khahM.Sc.Tajafari2022-02-27
The Analysis of Information Retrieval Action: Transition from Representatonalism to Rorty`s Anti-Representationalismmahboobe farashbashi astanehPhDNowkarizi2022-03-02
Historical renewing of the documentation movement with the aim of identifying and analyzing its discourse dimensionsAmir RismanbafPhDSanatjoo2022-03-06
The effect of storytelling on promoting the entrepreneurial attitude of children in age group cfatemeh haeri asadiM.Sc.Tajafari2022-03-06
Evaluating the quality of web pages retrieved from Persian search engines and Google in response to students course-related questionsFatemeh Alipour YamiM.Sc.Tajafari2022-03-09